Rainy Day Blues

It's a rainy day here in Boston today, and since it's the type of day that makes you want to crawl back under the covers, I thought we'd take a short break from the DIY and the recipes. Instead, I wanted to give you a few quick shots of life around here over this past weekend.

I was too excited for words! He was so friendly and the food at Blue, Inc. is DELICIOUS!

Yes, this is how I figure out where to hammer nails into the wall to hang pictures. OCD? Maybe. Helpful? Definitely.

The chair re-upholstery is coming along well!

I put together our new RAST! Now to decide what exactly I'm doing with it... Thoughts?
This weekend was a blast - starting with meeting Chef Jay Santos on Friday evening (thanks to my good friend Emily!), to being super productive around the apartment, and spending a lot of time with good friends - our weekend was a perfect way to spend the holiday. I hope you had a fantastic weekend too and that you're making the best of this rainy Tuesday!  

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  1. Thanks for coming! It was so great to see you! If you hadn't come to Blue Inc, I wouldn't have experienced that amazing shot that you managed to snag us for free. I'm embarassed to admit that I spent the entire weekend letting it float in and out of my mind, it was that good!


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