Updates & April To-Do List {Wedding Wednesday}

Oh my gosh - another Wedding Wednesday list update! I feel like all I'm doing lately is posting to-do updates. But, I guess in some ways that it's a good thing - so many items are getting checked off the list! Now that it is officially April, let's see what I was able to check off in March...

Buy Wedding Party Gifts - Bridesmaid Gifts Have Been Purchased! (Groomsmen Gifts Are Coming!)
Dance Lessons - On the schedule for this month.
Decide on Table Numbers - Decision Made!
Decide on Seating Sign - Decision Made!
Choose Favors - This is proving to be difficult! Ideas are welcome!!
Buy/Order Cake Topper - Moved to April Due to Indecisiveness.
Buy Wedding Shoes - Deciding between two different pairs.
Address Invitations - Thanks to my amazing Aunt, these are all officially done! 
Order Shower Thank you Cards - Ordered & Received! Can't wait to send them out!
Order Rehearsal Dinner Invites - Ordered & Received! Can't wait to send them out!

What's ahead for April? This month's list has actually been broken up into two parts...

I'll be in New Jersey for 5 full days towards the end of April, and I'm looking forward to a lot of hard work over those few days - makeup trial, hair trial, putting together welcome bags, getting our marriage license and my first official dress fitting! 

Then, the end of April has so much more in store - my Bachelorette party in Vegas, sending music selections to the band, officially buying our cake topper (for real) and making our table numbers. I cannot believe that April is here - and I'm sure it will be over before I know what's happening!

I'm looking forward to enjoying every moment this month - from the shower to the bachelorette party and each day in between. I am so excited that these big events are finally here and I can't wait to celebrate with some of my favorite people!

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Gallery Wall {Home Update}

There's nothing like family coming to visit that gets your decorating into high gear. That, coupled with a newly signed year-long lease on our apartment, made Josh and I decide that it was high time that we finished our living room gallery wall. For about a year, it's looked like this...

Yes, it looked this bad. For over a year. #bloggerfail
We've had pictures sitting around waiting to be hung up, but never quite got around to it. For no good reason, I just stared at them every time I walked into my office instead of doing something about them. So, today, we hung up 4 more pictures - and moved them around a bit to find the perfect combination.

Want to know where we got each picture?

1 - I picked up this Boston Harbor sketch from a local flea market 
2 - made this for valentine's day 2012 
3 - Josh and I bought this map at Monticello (we love maps!) 
4 - my Aunt gave us this awesome print from Israel 
5 - I picked this up at the same local flea market where I got number one 
6 - I made this map heart art two years ago when we moved into our first apartment together 
7 - my mother bought me this at a silent auction when I was in high school (and it's moved around with me ever since!) 
8 - we bought this print from PrintAid NYC after Sandy devastated so much of the area 
9 - one of our first art purchases, this is a Picasso reproduction print from Ikea - and it has Picasso's doxie Lump (pronounced Loomp) front and center! 

Josh focusing intently on Sunday afternoon basketball
We are so happy to have this up and excited to be making our apartment a little homier since we'll be staying here a bit longer. We're also excited to spend time with family this upcoming weekend as my future mother-in-law throws me a wonderful bridal shower!

Updates & March To-Do List {Wedding Wednesday}

Happy Wedding Wednesday!! It's been a little while since a Wedding Wednesday update and I have so much to share!! February flew by, but I have managed to check almost everything off of the February list - although we do still need to decide on our signature drinks and finalize the transportation for guests. In the meantime though, we've moved on to March and a whole new list of things to accomplish!

Some of these have already been crossed off - specifically the last two! We ordered my bridal shower thank yous and our pre-nuptial dinner invitations from Wedding Paper Divas. I designed my own dinner invite using one from Wedding Paper Divas that I liked, but using the fonts from our wedding invitation that we bought from Minted. It turned out to be a bit of a hassle with getting a proof that we really loved due to some minor issues with the uploaded file, but thanks to my sweet friend Jess, we were able to get the right file uploaded the invitations officially ordered. We also chose our favors this past week and are so excited to get them ordered - it is the perfect favor! 

This weekend I'll be buying wedding shoes with my mom and addressing our invitations with my aunt. We are so excited to get the envelopes addressed so that we can put them together and get them ready for mailing (the last week of April!). Then in the last couple of weeks of March, we're hoping to get started with dance lessons, confirm our decisions on reception and ceremony decor, and finalize our wedding party gifts. 

So, with 102 days left until the big day, I'm feeling pretty good about this list! Those of you getting closer to planning - I hope things are going as well for you! And please - if you have groomsmen gift ideas - Josh and I would love to hear about them! 

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Life, Lately {InstaUpdate}

Wow. A free moment to blog? To clear out my thoughts and enjoy this little space I created once upon a time? It almost feels like these moments are becoming further and further out of reach - and I'm not so sure that I'm okay with that. Life has officially become too insanely busy for words. On one hand, it's a good thing - a really good thing and I am truly loving every single moment of this crazy adventure right now. On the other hand, I'm worried that all of this activity is generating a lot of unreleased stress that isn't good for me or my health.

I've taken on more responsibility at work and although I am really excited about the additional class (and the additional money), no one can say that taking on this extra class was a sane thing to do. I'm advising a club (Operation Day's Work) and co-advising two others (Book Club and History Bowl) and trying to stay on top of my regular 5 classes. 

And, on top of everything happening in my work life, there's that other teeny tiny thing in my life - planning our wedding! Planning is going wonderfully, but I've set deadlines and am putting extra pressure on myself to meet them. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting a lot of outside pressure too - and even though I know the deadlines I've set for myself are early so that I'm prepared ahead of time - sometimes it's hard to explain that to everyone else involved in the planning. So, I'm trying to take planning one day at a time and working to get things done as much as possible on weeknights and weekends. I'm looking forward to a productive weekend in NJ this upcoming weekend to get more things checked off of the to-do list!

To give you a little bit more insight into what life is looking like around here, here's some of my recent favorites from Instagram - where you can always follow me at foreverandarecipe

Non-stop grading to do! From classwork to homework - there's always more work to grade!
I volunteered to judge the science fair this year - and had such a wonderful time! And - BONUS - I learned a lot!
We are trying Blue Apron for the first time this week! Already one meal in and we're loving it!
Tulips from my wonderful friend Meg. I would be lost without her guidance!!
And of course, no life update would be complete without this adorable cutie. He keeps me smiling and gets me up and out of bed every morning - even on days I could hit the snooze button a few more times!
Overall, life right now is incredible. It's busy and overwhelming at times, but I'm not sure I'd really want it to be any other way. I am constantly finding more inspiration around me - from my students, my peers, and from Josh - and I love that I don't let that inspiration pass me by.

I bought a print from Elise Blaha's make29 project and think that it perfectly captures my thoughts right now...

Magic is something you make - and I love the magic that I'm making in my life every single day. Even on those days I'd rather go to bed at 6 than do anything else - it's still worth it. And even though I'm not here at the blog every day, please know that I am still around and that magic things are happening. And I promise (you and myself) that I will take the time to keep sharing the magic. 

Updates & February To Do List {Wedding Wednesday}

Happy February!!! Now that February is here (and already 5 days over!), I wanted to share with you our February wedding to do list. I shared our January list about 4 weeks ago and all of those tasks (except for four of them moved to February) were taken care of! Among the biggest items - I got my ears pierced, book our hair and makeup artists for the big day, and we ordered our invitations!

February's list is quite large and we are more than ready to tackle it this month!

Josh and I are heading to New Jersey over President's Day Weekend and so many of these items will be taken care of that weekend - including choosing our ketubah (Jewish wedding contract), meeting with and officially booking the florist, giving my Aunt our pictures for the slideshow, our menu testing, finalizing the linens, and choosing and ordering wedding rings. WOW - it is going to be a busy, busy weekend!

Hopefully next week we'll get the groomsmen attire taken care of, and we're waiting to hear back from our travel agent about our honeymoon itinerary plans so that we can officially get it booked! I'm in the process of designing our dinner invites and my dad is currently working on the hotel to venue transportation. Hopefully in a couple of weekends we'll spend some time deciding on our signature drinks! It's not a huge rush, but I'm just trying to get things crossed off the list and the earlier, the better!

Officially under 4 months and 3 weeks (ish) away from the big day, I am getting more and more excited by the minute to checks these things off the list! What did your 5 month out to do list look like? See anything it looks like I'm missing? And did you do signature drinks? Josh and I are so excited to add that personal touch to our reception!


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